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Strengthen payment security with Surnia Payment Switch!

2024-03-06 / Wisecard

Strengthen payment security with Surnia Payment Switch!

Looking for a secure, efficient, and reliable payment solution? Look no further, choose the PCI-certified Surnia Payment Switch! We offer a compact and high-performance card management system and gateway system based on the Surnia microservices architecture by Wisecard. Rest assured of its security, scalability, and quick implementation time.

Surnia Payment Switch is an all-in-one payment transaction solution.

We provide industry-standard dispute resolution, risk and fraud management processes, as well as card/document management, auditability, traceability, and even key and user management modules.

Our system not only meets your payment needs but also safeguards your brand reputation and customer privacy. Whether you're an individual user or a merchant, Surnia Payment Switch can help you achieve a secure, efficient, and trustworthy payment experience.

Contact us now to learn more about Surnia Payment Switch and make your payment process smoother and safer!


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