EMV Card Issuance EMV Card Issuance EMV Card Issuance EMV Card Issuance

EMV Card Issuance

SmartOne, a complete automated EMV card personalization system

Wisecard EMV Card Issuance solution--SmartOne is a highly automated EMV personalization system which enables customers to power central card issuance, distributed card issuance and instant card issuance on the simple platform. It combines the latest PCISSC secure standard with the most advance technology on chip cards including magstripe, contact and dual interface card to ensure the best customer experience for EMV payment transactions.

What is EMV Card Issuance System?

Wisecard EMV Card Issuance platform SmartOne is an actively developed, robut software solution for EMV personalization. It empowers customers to issue chip-based cards including contact and dual interface EMV card centrally(CI), at distributed locations or at the branches Instantly(II) for various purposes from EMV chip-based banking cards to loyalty and biometric purpose. Wisecard EMV personalization platform SmartOne is highly modular and highly compatible solution, it adapts to the latest EMV and PCI requirements; Our vast experience on the EMV migration for various market sections helps our customers to be able to issue cards based on various perso personalization printers, different cards platform like Java GP, Multos, Advantis and various card schemes like Visa®, MasterCard®, UnionPay®, JCB®, AmEx®, Discover® and etc.

EMV Card Issuance




EMV Card Issuance

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