PIN Mailer System PIN Mailer System PIN Mailer System PIN Mailer System

PIN Mailer System

Data encryption and PIN code generation

Personal Identification Number (PIN) codes are used for the authentication of users during a secure transaction. PINs are letters printed on special stationary that obscures the printed PIN code and ensures that the PIN code is not readable without breaking a visible seal. Handling of the sensitive PIN data is highly regulated by PA-DSS and banking regulation. 

About PIN Mailer System

The PIN code is generated in the card issuer's Card Management System (CMS) and transmitted to the printer. The PIN Mailer System realizes the secure communication between the card issuing institution and the card printing third party. By receiving the encrypted password data from the third party, the system uses HSM to decrypt the corresponding information and print it.

PIN Mailer System

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PIN Mailer System

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