JAVA Applet
Customized Applet
Wisecard has rich experience on Java COS and applet development. We have been providing various applications as below for customers:
Wisecard SmartPurse applet is an e-purse payment card compliant with EMV/PBOC, which can be used as all-in-one-card solution and mobile wallet payment solution.

Online Payment;

Transaction Records;

Balance Inquires;

Personal Data Management;

More customized functions.

Wisecard DUKPT is a cost-effective and user-friendly Java Applet tool for customers to do key management, which ensures each transaction has its own unique encryption key, with the benefit that any compromise of an encryption key cannot be used to attack either past or future transactions.

Based on Java card, easy to migrate among different card vendors;

Easy to expand to meet customers’ further requirements;

Provide interface to personalize BDK\IPEK\KEK\PEK with secure method;

All security operations are carried out inside the card.