Card Management System (CMS)

Wisecard SmartPayment CMS System is a complete modularized high volume financial payment system; it is developed by our experienced team in the banking card, security and payment technology industry. This system delivers new revenue generation opportunities, operational cost savings, advanced marketing opportunities and wider service delivery as a result of the unique Wisecard SmartPayment CMS system approach to providing a multi-channel service.


Support end to end life cycle management for the EMV cards

Support cards on various platforms from magnetic stripe to EMV chip cards

User friendly browser-based front end

High level security Alert Management

Can be easily incorporated into other Wisecard products

  • Cost Reduction
    SmartPayment CMS significantly reduces the operation cost of branches.
  • Solution Flexibility
    Wisecard’s business is focused on offering leading-edge delivery channel solutions to the world market and has proven technology solutions on all the areas that Bank are seeking to enhance.
  • User Friendly
    The solution is delivered to the bank pre-configured with, Bank specific branding Bank operational settings and financial information
  • Fraud Control
    SmartPayment CMS provides a number of fraud management services which customers can take advantage of from devices that together deliver this reassurance.